About Linda

I began sewing about the same time that I decided to become an architect, which was when I was seven. I completed my architectural training and worked in that field until I had my children, and then I opted to work on small independent jobs that fit into my new role as a mother. All this time my sewing and creative endeavors continued, and flourished when my daughters came along. I designed the kneelers and altar hangings for our church, and ran book fairs and fund raising projects at various schools as the girls grew. In 2001, I entered my first quilt challenge and won Judges’ Choice. That gave me permission to create. I now have a home studio with room for my sewing machines and more than one project at a time. I am thrilled to be able to spend most of my days at the top of our house among the trees creating another fabric delight.   

Quilt design is a natural transition for a professional architect who loves to manipulate fabric and has worked in various sectors of Design and Construction. The architect’s eye is beneficial when working with the layout and geometry of a new quilt just as it is for a new building. My design work is developed with a holistic, cerebral approach; assembling fabric of various colors and prints that result in a unified statement, rather than a simple assembly of pieces.


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